GBDeflicker4 Error - This application is configured for use on only one computer

When you first register GBDeflicker, it records a "request number" calculated from your computer's hardware/software configuration. Each time it runs, GBDeflicker recalculates the "request number" and compares it to the original. If it differs, it indicates you are trying to run the software on a different computer. Sometimes upgrading your OS can cause this error. Have you recently changed your computer configuration?

If so, please submit a request to have your serial number reset.

After we enable the Reset function for your license...


  1. Run After Effects or Premiere Pro
  2. Go to the GBDeflicker4 effects controls
  3. Click the License control to unfurl the options buttons
  4. Hold down the Shift and OS keys on your keyboard while you click the Register button
  5. Click on the Remote Reset tab in the License Options window
  6. Click the Ok button in the Remote Reset tab. This function sends a request to our license server over an internet connection. 
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