GBDeflicker4 Activate a License

A license is for use on one computer and is activated using a code (Request number) unique to that computer. As a convenience you are given a serial number that can be activated twice. This means you can use the software on two computers.

 If you want to use it on a third you need to either...

1) Buy another serial number

2) Release the license on one of your previously installed computers.

 However, you can't move a license between two computers by repeatedly Releasing and Re-activating. Release can only be done a few times.

 A GBDeflicker4 serial number can be used on Mac or Windows computers.

 When first using GBDeflicker4 in an After Effects (or Premier Pro) session, it checks for a valid product license. If the product license has not been activated it will overlay the watermark.

Activate a License

1)      After purchasing GBDeflicker, you will receive a serial number via email.

2)      Select the Effect Controls, expand the GBDeflicker Options, and expand the License options


3)      Then click the “Register” button.


4)      If you have purchased GBDeflicker, go ahead and enter the serial number and other information and click Activate Now.  Otherwise, to continue the free trial click on Activate Later.


The form information is sent to our server. If the serial number is valid and has not reached its activation limit, the license will be activated and the watermark will be removed.

 Activation on a Computer with no Internet Connection

If your computer has no internet connection, a dialog appears explaining the manual activation process. Or, if your computer is attached to a proxy server that is blocking the activation process, disconnect it from the internet and run GBDeflicker. You will see the "Select Activation Type" dialog.


A URL and Request Number are displayed. On a computer with an internet connection go to the URL and enter the Request Number and other information. 


The URL is x=21002029

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