Supported Cameras

Canon EOS Models

The current release of GBTimelapse, Version 3, is only compatible with EOS models. For a complete list of supported camera models, follow this link .

Canon PowerShot Models (Legacy)

Canon has discontinued support for remote capture on PowerShot cameras. The most recent model supporting remote capture is the G10. Canon discontinued sales of the G10 in 2009. 

An older discontinued version of GBTimelapse,  Version 2,  is available by special request. But it is not supported.

Go to this link to see if your PowerShot is compatible with GBTimelapse 2.

If so, you can download GBTimelapse 2.2.11 here

It requires Microsoft .Net framework version 1.1 which you can get here...

If it works for you, we can send you a purchase link. The price ($99) is the same as the new EOS version. However, the software will be "as is". We can no longer support older cameras.



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