Windows 8 - Camera not detected

Windows 8 - Camera not detected

Cameras are not detected - When connected by USB and powered on the camera may not appear in the GBTimelapse list of tethered cameras. However, it will appear in Windows Explorer.

This is a known problem with Canon camera drivers running on Windows 8. It is not a bug in GBTimelapse, it is either a Canon or Windows bug that affects cameras in GBTimelapse' groups 1 and 2. It doesn't affect cameras in group 3, because Canon has fixed the bug in its version 2.12 drivers. 

To work around...

1) Disconnect the camera

2) In Device Manager, under "Portable Devices" are there devices such as removable media drives "SD, CF, etc.

3) Disabled them by right clicking each one and choosing "Disable" (Don't disable your hard drives!)


4) Re-connect the camera

5) The camera should now be detected by GBTimelapse. You can still use the media slots even with each drive being disabled.

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