Hardware Bits

A collection of useful components to consider for inclusion in your time-lapse kit...

PC/Flash Cable

Duragadget 2.5mm To Male Flash PC Sync Cable, 12 inch

  • DURAGADGET's sync cable provides a stable connection for your flash triggers
  • 2.5 mm jack plug to male flash PC sync with screw lock to provide a stable PC connection
  • 12 inch coiled cable stretches to approximately 24 inches for a longer reach
  • Used to trigger external flashes
  • Suitable for flash triggers with a PC connector


Hot Shoe Adapter

Some Canon models (6D, T3i, ...) don't have a PC/Flash connector on the camera body. In that case you need a hot shoe adapter like this one shown with the Duragadget cable attached.

Seagull SC-2 Flash Hot Shoe Adapter with PC Sync Socket 


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