eMotimo TB3 Setup (Black and Orange)

The eMotimo TB3 Black uses different firmware than the TB3 Orange. eMotimo is in the process (at the time of this writing 7/31/2013)  of including the GBTimelapse firmware as part of the standard TB3 Black firmware. When this is done, you will be able to choose GBTimelapse mode as an option when starting the TB3 Black. This new firmware should be available in September 2013.

Until then, follow these steps to install the special GBTimelapse TB3 firmware.

The GBTimelapse 3.9.x Pan/Tilt controls are a little bit different from what is shown in this video, but it should be clear what to do.

Also, the GBUploadFirmware utility now includes firmware for both the TB3 Black and the TB3 Orange.

If you are running Windows 8, it may not let you install the Arduino driver. If you get the error “The driver is not digitally signed” you will need to change your Windows 8 options to "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". (please see another tech-note in this knowledge base)

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