GBDeflicker2 Ticket Initialization Failed (Mac)

GBDeflicker - Ticket Initialization Failed (Mac)


When you run GBDRegister to activate your serial number you get an error "ticket initialization failed",

"custom text file missing", or "ticket not found" ...


or "application cannot be launched"...



Solution 1 - Log Out and Log In

This can happen if you are logged in to your Mac as a different user then when you installed GBDeflicker.
To fix this..

  1. Log Out of your Mac
  2. Log In as the user when you installed GBDeflicker
  3. Run GBDRegister again
  4. Activate your license using your serial number.

Solution 2 - Fix Your File Permissions

If Solution 1 doesn't work for you, it may be a file permissions problem.

Change the permissions of the folder “/Applications/GraniteBaySoftware64”  to allow “Read/Write” access for everyone.

Step 1 -  Using Finder, go to the folder “/Applications/GraniteBaySoftware64”


Step 2 - Select the folder, right-click the mouse, and choose “Get Info

Step 3 - Twirl open the “Sharing and Permissions


Step 4 - Click on the lock in the lower right corner

Step 5 - Change the permissions for everyone to Read/Write


Step 6 - Be sure to click the "little gear" and make the permission apply to the items enclosed in the folder.


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    If fixing permissions isn't working for you, you are probably logged in as a different user than when you installed the software.

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