Error Messages

Ticket invalid

You may have a proxy server  blocking GBDRegister from activating your serial number. Please see the note on manual activation.


GBD Error (14001) (48::46) Could not be loaded

There is a missing Windows system file.

Please go to this Microsoft link and install the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package...

GBD Error -1712

Error -1712 is an apple event time out. There are two possible reasons.

  1. Too much time elapsed before you entered the activation code. If you don't enter the Activation code within 2 minutes, you may get this error.
  2. There is a bug in OS X 10.6.0 that causes intermittent timeout errors. This bug is fixed in 10.6.3 (search for "Spurious Apple Event Timeout")

GBD Error can't find file (Windows)

This may be a file priveledge problem. There are some privilege related bugs in some versions of the Mac OS. Apple has a utility to clean up these issues. See

According to Apple..."Most users of Mac OS X have not intentionally modified privileges and simply need a utility to reset system privileges to their correct default values."

"For Mac OS X 10.2 or later...

  1. Open Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/).
  2. Select your Mac OS X start-up volume in the column on the left of the Disk Utility window
  3. Click the First Aid tab.
  4. Click the Repair Disk Permissions button. "

GBD Error Cannot copy to shared...

Somehow the file permission have not been set correctly.

Using finder...

  1. Go to the folder /Applications/GraniteBaySoftware64/
  2. Select the file GBDMProduct6Q.Ticket
  3. Right click and select Get Info
  4. Expand the panel "Sharing & Permissions"
  5. Change the priveledges to "Read & Write"

Run GBDRegister again.

GBD Error Sandbox Detected (Windows)

The license system checks for sandbox software (such as Sandboxie) and will not run if detected.
To correct the problem..

  1. Uninstall the sandbox program 
  2. Disabled Microsoft Essential real-time protection. 
  3. Reboot
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    You have the watermark figured out very well too bad you don't spend some time on people who bought the software. 

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    I'm not sure why Jim made the comment "too bad you don't spend some time on people who bought the software". I wonder if Jim is actually a customer or if he has made a support request in the past. There is no way to tell with just his first name.

    Actually, our customers are served very well. In the last 30 days we have solved 53 of 56 support requests with the first response within an average of 11 hours. Not bad for 7/days per week world wide support. The three unsolved requests are simply waiting for a reply from the customer.

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