License Manual Activation (Ticket invalid)

Your computer may be connected to the internet via a proxy server. That would block any attempt to activate the license. This is fully described in the User's Guide installed with the software.

Please try manual activation by following these steps...

Step 1 - Temporarily disconnect your computer from the internet

Step 2 - Run GBDRegister, you should see the Manual Activation window


Step 3 - Click on the number to the right of the words “Request Number” to copy the value into the computer’s clipboard.

Step 4 - Reconnect your computer to the internet

Step 5 - Click on the link above the Request Number to open the Activation Page on our server

              For Windows Plugin

              For Mac Plugin


Step 6 - Paste the request number into the “Request number” field, and fill in all information on the form including your serial number

Step 7 - Click the Send button. If you entered a valid serial number you will see an “Activation Success” page



Step 8 - Select the number to the right of the words “Activation Code” and copy the value into the computer’s clipboard.

Step 9 - Go back to the GBDRegister window


Step 10 - Click the Manual Activation button.


Step 11 - Past the activation code into the form and type in your serial number

Step 12 - Click “Activate Now” and a new GBDRegister window is displayed


Step 13 - Click the Product License button to display the license status. The status should show the number of days remaining for your license


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    ... it could be that running a RAID and having the trial software on a separate hard drive was the problem, I tossed it, or it could be changing permissions to 'everyone'  wasn't enough and adding 'admin' and 'me' was necessary ...  let's see if it is installed ... seems like it ... I guess people who are having trouble would like a reply when they comment ...  

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    Sorry you had a problem. OS X is very particular about permissions. It seems like Apple is actually trying to discourage third-party software in favor of their own store.

    Comments are merely that. If you have a particular problem, please submit a support ticket. That way we have a confidential trail to follow rather than unrelated series of public comments.

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