License Manual Activation with ActivationCode

If you have gotten the message "Activation not allowed" and we have sent you an ActivationCode, then something on your computer is blocking activation.

We will have sent you two numbers:

An ActivationRequest Number

An ActivationCode

Please follow these steps...

1) Temporarily disconnect your computer from the internet

2) Run GBDRegister, you should see the Manual Activation window


3) Make sure the Request Number in the form matches the ActivationNumber we have sent you. If it doesn't, then STOP! The ActivationCode won't work because you must be running on a different computer.

4) The the Request Number does match, then click the Manual Activation button

5) Enter your Serial Number,enter the ActivationCode and then click Activate Now

6) Activation should succeed.

7) Reconnect your computer to the internet.


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