GBDeflicker3 Watermark after hard drive, RAM or OS change

If you change your hard drive or replace it with a SSD drive, you may get a message that says "License not activated - Output is watermarked".

When GBDeflicker checks the license, it can see that something has changed. This is necessary to prevent unscrupulous people from illegally copying the software.

Unfortunately,  it can be an inconvenience for honest folks like you.

But we can quickly get this fixed if you give us a bit of information.

  1. Go to the Effect controls and click the “Help” button to go to our support page at http://support.granitebaysoftware.com0-Cropper_86_.jpg
  2. Click on the “Submit a Request” button on our support page 0-Cropper_85_.jpg
  3. Enter your email address (that you used for your purchase), a short explanation, and your product serial number (if you remember it). 0-Cropper_87_.jpg
  4. Submit the request and we will help you as soon as possible
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