Educational Discount Policy

Granite Bay Software - Educational Discount Policy

Granite Bay Software offers a 15% discount for persons affiliated with an educational institution.

After proof of eligibility has been received and confirmed, we will email you a special discount code that you can use to purchase software from our website.

We reserve the right to disallow the educational discount. Most notably, we will not provide the discount if we have reason to believe that the association with the educational institution is non-existent, has lapsed, or is not in good standing.

Eligible Individuals
The following individuals are eligible to receive the educational discount (15%) on all Granite Bay Software products:

  • University and college students - students enrolled at a higher education institution defined as an accredited public or private university or college (including community, junior, or vocational college) that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study
  • Primary and secondary school students — students enrolled at an accredited public or private primary or secondary school providing full-time instruction
  • Faculty and staff — teachers and staff employed by an accredited primary or secondary school, public or private university or college, school district, or board of education (including emeritus status professors)
  • Homeschooled students and their teachers — students and teachers as defined by state homeschooling regulations

Note: Before the full version of the GBS software can be installed, proof of eligibility must be sent to Granite Bay Software to obtain a serial number and the 15% discount.

Proof of Eligibility
Proof of current enrollment, stating your name, the institution name, and the current date or term.  Types of proof of enrollment include:

  • School ID card
  • Report card
  • Course schedule
  • Transcript
  • Tuition bill or statement
  • Any other document issued by the educational institution that includes your name, the institution name, and the current date or term

Teachers, faculty, and staff:
Current ID that includes your name, the date, and the name of the educational entity or an official document such as the following:

  • Institutional paycheck stub
  • Letter on official letterhead from the registrar of the educational entity indicating current employment

Homeschooled students and their teachers:

  • Dated copy of a letter of intent to homeschool
  • Current membership ID to a homeschool association
  • Dated proof of purchase of curriculum for the current academic school year

Note: Any sensitive information such as pay amounts, grades, or social security numbers can be covered or crossed out.

Restrictions on Use
You may purchase only one license per product per year.  GBS products purchased with the student/teacher discount may be used only on your privately owned computer and may not be resold.

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